PhiBrows Brown 2 SUP Pigment 10ml

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SUP - die dritte Generation der weltweit  besten Pigmente für Microblading, entwickelt und produziert von PhiAcademy.

-Mehr über SUP Pigmente:


-Mehr über Honey Effect in unseren Pigmente:


Wir freuen uns, Ihnen mitteilen zu können, dass die SUPE-Generation bald kommt!

SUP - the  third generation of world's best pigments for microblading, manual technique. Use in the field of PMU (working with a PMU device) is also possible - to do this, the wanted PhiBrows pigment has to be mixed with PhiThinner in order to dilute it. As a mixing tool we recommend PhiMixer.

-Learn more about SUP pigments by clicking on the link below:

-See more about Honey Effect in our pigments by clicking on the link below:

We are happy to announce that the SUPE generation is coming out soon!