Hard Sugar Paste 350g


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This sugar paste is used during a PhiSugaring treatment to remove unwanted hair. This sugar paste do not require preheating. Easy to spread on the desired area and extremely gentle to the skin.

Three types of Sugar Paste are available:

· Soft

· Middle

· Hard

The choice of the paste depends on the strength and thickness of the hair. Different pastes can also be used for different areas:

Legs: middle & soft
Arms: middle & soft
Armpits: middle & hard
Upperlip & chin: middle & hard
Eyebrows: middle & hard
Chest, belly: middle & hard
Back: middle & soft
Bikini zone: middle & hard

Package: Plastic jar, 350 g

How to use

· Apply talcum or baby powder to the skin.

· Spread a thin layer of sugar paste over the skin opposite to the direction of hair growth and pull the paste off quickly and swiftly to remove unwanted hair.

· Rinse the remaining sugar paste off with water. Apply a soothing product to the treated area.