JALUCOMPLEX 3 - CE 0373, 1 x 1,5ml


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JALUCOMPLEX 3 is a revitalizing non-animal origin hyaluronic acid.

It is fully absorbable and safe with the higher standards of molecular weight (average value 3,2 kDa)

Indicatitons for use: Treatment of superficial wrinkles, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, frown lines, facial contours and nasolabial folds.

- Safe, effective and well tolerated
- Skin rejuvenation on face, neck and chest
- Correction of forehead wrinkles and fine lines
- Hand revitalisation
- Visible results from the very first application
- Handy and practical syringe

Concentration:    20 mg/ml
PH:    5,50 – 7,50
Molecular weight:    2.000 – 2.700 kDa
Injection zones:    Superficial and mid-deep dermis
Estimated duration of results:     more than 2 months
Needle:    29G – 30G ½
Storage:    5°-25°C


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