Lashes Lifting Cream Sachets 1,5ml 10pcs


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Premium quality ingredients formula, designed to be very gentle to the eyes, without any stinging experienced.

Phi Lashes Lifting Cream provides extraordinary boost to the natural eyelashes, lifting the lashes from their root to tip, resulting with a long-lasting definition and a beautiful curl effect, at the same time nourishing the lash hairs and enhancing their elasticity. 



How to use

Apply a small amount of lash lifting cream from root to 1/3 up the lash for a lift and maximum 1⁄2 way up lash for lift and slight curl using a micro-applicator.

Processing time:
- Very fine lashes 4-5 minutes
- Fine or tinted lashes 5-6 minutes
- Natural healthy lashes 6-8 minutes
- Course healthy lashes 8-10 minutes

Remove using a clean micro-applicator, place used micro-applicator in bin.