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All the participants have an opportunity to exchange opinions and experiences, check out the latest developments, get their hands on new products and see live demonstrations of novel techniques.

This event plays a vital role in growth and development of the industry. It features future trends and visions for this field in the upcoming year, starting from microblading, PMU and many other beautification techniques lately presented by our Academy. You will have a chance to learn about the latest trends as well as new tools and products to increase your productivity. A high-value agenda, including both educational and entertaining sections, as well as wide expert experience of the speakers at the event, make Masterclass the leading beauty conference for thousands of participants worldwide.

The event will help you bond with your colleagues, exchange ideas and arrange possible collaborations that will widen your horizons in this industry. PhiAcademy Masterclass 2019 is open to everyone looking for beauty trends, inspiration and new knowledge in this field. However, numberof participants is limited. For the first time on the Masterclass, participants will have direct interaction with presenters via a mobile application.

Traditionally, Masterclass 2019 is going to take place in Belgrade, Serbia.


Our special guests will be announced in the following period.

Please make sure you respect the following dress code for the Gala Dinner:


The Great Gatsby Theme


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