Microneedling Body After Care 100ml 6pcs


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An advanced skincare formula highly effective to counteract body skin aging, by firming the skin contours all over the body and providing extra elasticity, recommended for skincare after microneedling treatment. This body toning regenerative cream is enriched with coenzyme Q10 which is the type of compound that protects the body cells from damage, having a highly effective skin antioxidant activity.

The specially selected formula provides extra energy to the body skin cells, neutralizing the harmful free radicals that are one of the major causes of skin aging and sagging body skin. Acts like an energy boost to the skin, providing its much needed elasticity to repair faster and remain a healthy look. Intended for the body skin parts that need extra boost to firm, tone and repair, in order to achieve slightly better skin appearance.

How to use

The product should be applied on clean body skin, gently massaging with circular motions until absorbed. Use morning and night. Can be used daily, starting 24h after the treatment.