Microneedling Tango After Care 50ml 6pcs


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A highly advanced skincare formula intended for skin regeneration after microneedling treatment. This revitalizing skin soothing cream promotes skin cells turnover and protects skin from collagen breakdown.

 Contains hyaluronic acid which acts like a natural skin plumper and helps retain moisture by  absorbing water, in order to keep skin firm and hydrated. Protects skin from the harmful free radicals (molecules that cause aging). Formulated with  Easylance as one of its active components, which is an extremely powerful natural lifting ingredient, visibly tightening the skin. Provides faster skin regeneration, calms down redness and irritations. Intended for mature skin and dry skin, that needs an extra boost to fight dullness and aging.

How to use

The product should be applied on clean skin, gently massaging with circular motions until absorbed. Use morning and night. Can be used daily, starting 24h after the treatment.