PhiGlow Holder


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PhiGlow holder - silver EN 14305 made of high quality stainless steel. Unlike the universal holder, the PhiGlow Holder can be used for different types of blades of different sizes.

Suitable for following blades:


Phi Bold Blade 16pins 


PhiBlade U 304 Stainless Steel 0.18 



3-Round Blade

5-Round Blade

9-Double-Flat Blade

15-Double-Flat Shading Blade

12-Pins 4Bunch 3-Round Blade

36-Round Ombre Blade

21-Round Blade 

38-Pins Shading Needle


The tool has to be sterilized prior to every use, for example, in the autoclave. It is resistant to water, water vapor, organic and inorganic acids.