PhiLaser Type-H


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PHILASER Type-H - High intensity diode laser hair removal system. A machine with a leading performance and technology between this type of lasers.

This laser specifies with power of 1200w which provides extremely fast and painless hair removal effect, and the capacity of 100 million shots gives a possibility for a multiple years use and satisfaction.

By getting this laser, the academy will also create a price list for your clients and a presentation which will slightly contribute to help you make your job smoother and successful in order to be able to easily pay off this laser and make an extra income at the same time.

Technical characteristics:

Laser Type: Semiconductor Laser

Function: Hair Removal

Laser Power: Works with 220V - otherwise only usable with transformer, e.g. AC 110 V +- 10% 50 Hz (with transformer)

Wavelength: 808 nm

Pulse Width: 10 – 100 ms continuous adjustable

Energy Density: 10 – 80 j/cm² continuous adjustable

Pulse Frequency: 1-10 Hz

Spot Size: 12x12 (treatment area) | 10x10 mm (crystal)

Cooling System: inner circled water-cooling system + semiconductor refrigeration

Treatment Head Temperature: 0 – 4 °C

Machine size: 48 x 36 x 97 cm; net weight 42 kg

Warranty: 2 years


After you recieve the machine, you get unlimited access to the Craft Master online guide covering all the instructions and tips how to properly use this device. You will be unlocked at Craft Master with the email address you used to purchase it.

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