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Brushes are probably the most important tools in every makeup artist’s kit. Not only do they help apply makeup with accuracy and precision, but they also allow artists to blend and spread the product to create the desired effect. Brushes come in a variety of different hair types, as well as sizes and shapes for various application use. PhiNesse Kit is primarily intended for makeup artists. It contains 17 synthetic extra soft brushes, foundation sponge and powder puff conveniently stored in a sleek leather case.
PhiNesse brushes are manufactured in Italy which guarantees high quality.
The kit enables you to have the beauty tools you need, and it keeps them tucked away in a clean, convenient rollout pouch. Each brush in this collection has a specific function to help you create any look you want, whether it’s natural or bold one. Brushes are encased in the soft and sleek, foldable pouch equipped with a snap clasp for secure transport. To protect the brush heads, the case is designed with a special bag so that bristles do not get damaged over time. Made with Premium Synthetic Bristles, the brushes have a silky soft feel. This particular material is not highly absorbent, so it’s great for applying cream and liquid-based products, as it allows precise, smooth, and streak-free application. Easy to clean and maintain, these brushes are an ideal addition to your makeup arsenal.

Cleaning brushes between applications is essential, both to remove products and sanitize them.

Key Benefits
• Includes 17 brushes to give you a versatile and comprehensive styling experience, from applying your favorite blush to quick concealer touch ups
• Ultra-soft, premium synthetic bristles allow for smooth, controlled, and streak-free application of dry, creamy, and liquid-based products
• It’s easy to store, so you can have your makeup arsenal ready, wherever your busy schedule takes you
• The roll-out case is protective and keeps your brushes clean and collected
• Sturdy, yet light, the PhiNesse handles are made with a comfortable design for seemingly effortless movements