PhInjection Pen Kit + extra adapter and ampoule 4pcs


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The PhInjection Pen is an innovative device used for cosmetic treatments to help with smoothing wrinkles and increasing lip volume to a new level. It allows hyaluronic acid fillers to be applied completely injection-free.

The PhInjection Pen works in such a way that the hyaluronic acid is not inserted with a needle, but is sprayed into the appropriate area by pressure. This method guarantees the best possible lip volume treatment and wrinkle removal.

Hyaluronic acid is evenly spread throughout the epidermis and attracts water molecules, resulting very quickly in the relief of lines and wrinkles.

The effect is immediately visible. You will notice that, unlike other devices on the market, the Phinjection Pen doesn’t have a lever. By using innovative technology in the pen mechanism, the distribution of the preparation is faster, easier, more efficient and very precise.

Works in synthesis with hyaluronic acid fillers, for durable results and long lasting satisfaction.

Warranty: 6 months 


Kit contains:

1x PhInjection Pen

1x Blackhead Remover

6x Ampoules + Adapters


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